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Night Vision and Thermal Imaging: Defeating the dark.

For the last 50 years night vision technology has constantly improved in order to give the warfighter an edge over his adversary in darkness. Today, this science has evolved into two primary types: Image Intensified (I2) night vision and Thermal Imaging devices. Both of these technologies have evolved several generations of improvement and current production systems offer the users incredible performance. In the last few years, US military-quality systems have become available to the civilian sector, allowing law enforcement, hunters and enthusiasts to own and use some of the best systems in the world.

Ident Marking has a unique role in the night vision industry. We design and manufacture night vision components for the industry as well as distribute and sell direct to the public. We do all of the above because we are avid users of the equipment- our research, development, test and evaluation takes place not only in our facility during the day, but also in the fields, ranges and pastures of Texas at night. A strong knowledge base, experience level, and co-operative work within the industry has resulted in Ident Marking participating in bringing several successful products to both the US Government and the commercial night vision market. We continue to innovate daily and still take time to talk to the 'average guy' about products we make and sell. We know that there is a pretty confusing amount of information online about night vision and frankly, a lot of mis-infomation as well. Night vision equipment isn't inexpensive- regardless of your budget- and we want our buyers to understand the technology so they can make an informed purchase. 

Our website contains a lot of information regarding technology and products- and we continue to add more as quickly as possible. If you have questions about night vision equipment and thermal imaging devices that we haven't covered online, always feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call.